Cost of Living Noticeboard

The cost of living crisis affects everyone, but it is particularly harmful to those who were already struggling to make ends meet. This page will serve as a notice board of information and sources of support to help those in need of it the most, as well as general guidance to help everyone live securely.

Suffolk County Council InfoLink – Cost of Living Support in Suffolk

  • Cost of Living Support: The article compiles information on national and local support available to help with the cost of living.
  • Financial Assistance Programs: It mentions Anglian Water’s LITE and Extra LITE programs, payment breaks, and the Reach:Out partnership for those facing financial challenges.
  • Benefits and Grants: Guidance is provided on claiming government benefits, using a benefits calculator, and applying for grants through Suffolk County Council.
  • Local Welfare Assistance: The Local Welfare Assistance Scheme (LWAS) offers financial help to those in hardship, with applications made via a webform.

Link: Suffolk InfoLink | Cost of living support in Suffolk

Citizens Advice – get help with the cost of living:

This article provides guidance on how to cope with the cost of living crisis in England. Here are the key points:

  • Financial Assistance: It discusses various forms of financial help available, such as the Household Support Fund and cost of living payments.
  • Benefits Eligibility: It emphasizes the importance of checking eligibility for benefits, which could also lead to additional financial support.
  • Energy Bill Support: The article outlines options for those struggling with energy bills, including switching suppliers and improving home energy efficiency.
  • Additional Resources: It mentions other forms of support like food banks, rent assistance, and mental health resources, and provides contact information for immediate help.

Link: Get help with the cost of living – Citizens Advice

Money Saving Expert:

While this article is mainly aimed at those who are looking to get a bit extra for their money rather than to get a reliable source of cheap (or free) food, it has some good tips and general principles of how to take advantage of promotions and deals available to you.


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