Discrimination Law

Our Discrimination advice service offers free, independent advice to those who have experienced Discrimination as a result of one of the 9 protected characteristics under the Equality Act 2010: Age, Disability, Gender Reassignment, Marriage/Civil Partnership, Pregnancy/Maternity, Race, Religion or belief, Sex and Sexual Orientation.

We can help with a range of issues including preparing workplace grievances, Employment Tribunal case preparation, mediation with the other party and issuing actions in the County Court.

If the services we provide do not cover your particular circumstance, please see the following page where we list other organisations who may be able to help you: Other Services

How can we help?

The level of advice and representation is dependent on your circumstances. 

Legal Aid

We can advise under the Legal Aid scheme if financially eligible for public funding and subject to the merits of your case (with regards to full legal aid representation).

Initial Legal Aid and advice covers: 

  • advice and preparation in the Employment Tribunal if it is an Employment issue but does not cover representation for hearings. 
  • advice and preparation for County Court matters up to formally starting a County Claim (after which a full legal aid certificate can be applied for).

Employment: Disability Discrimination

We can also offer advice and assistance in Employment matters if your employment issue is one to do with disability under our current external funding provisions.

This is funding to specifically help people get back into or remain in work when facing discrimination in the work place on the grounds of disability. You do not need to be eligible for Legal Aid to benefit from this service. 

One-off Appointments

We can offer a one-off 30-minute appointment for other discrimination matters (with an experienced volunteer discrimination solicitor) that fall outside of legal aid funding and our other funding criteria. 

What we cannot provide:

  • We do not deal with small claims matters; those valued at less than £10,000. If you are unsure about the value of your claim, we can advise you on this.

Contact Us

Our Discrimination Law casework services are currently unavailable, however you can still enquire about a free 30-minute, one-off advice appointment by filling out the following form:

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